Stop Culture of Non-Compliance – FEDUSA

Stop Culture of Non-Compliance – FEDUSA

28 June 2017

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has called on employers to stop a persistent culture of non-compliance with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act which has seen little progress being made year after year in the transformation of the workplace since the promulgation of the Act in 2001.

FEDUSA’s concerns come in the wake the release of the latest Employment Equity Report which shows negligible progress in the transformation of the workplace compared to the previous 16 Reports as white people remain dramatically entrenched in top management with an allocation of 67.7% compared to 14.3% for Africans; 9.4% for Indians and 5.1% for Coloured people.

Inequality at top management along gender lines also remains dramatically high with males occupying 77% percent of the position compared to only 23% held by female managers.

The profile of senior management position in terms of race and gender also remains deeply skewed in favour of white people and men who make 56% of managers in this category compared to 22.1% Africans; 10.9% Indians and 7.7% Coloured people; and 66% males compared to 33.8% females, respectively.

However progress has been recorded with access to education and skills training with Africans now making up 42.2% of the country’s professionally qualified population compared to 36.5% of white people; 9.6% of coloured people; and 8.8% of Indian people.

FEDUSA is also disappointed that non-compliance is not limited to small companies but extends to a significant number of big, JSE listed companies as well and called on the Department of Labour to strengthen its inspectorate in order to make it clear to employers that compliance with employment equity legislation was not a matter of choice in which it was up to them to comply or not comply. The spirit of equity laws was also intended to overcome the country’s historical divisions and inequalities and build a united and cohesive society for future current and future generations.


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