7th BRICS Trade Unions Forum Goals

27 July 2018

COSATU, FEDUSA and NACTU have set the following as the priority goals for hosting the 2018 BRICS Trade Unions Forum in Durban, South Africa:


Goal One: Investment in people, social and economic infrastructure, environment and governance for sustainable development.

  • Building industrialisation and manufacturing capacity of our economies to enhance employment for all
  • Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for human development

Goal TWO: Building workers skills, innovation and ICT development tools

  • The Future of Work initiative
  • The 4th industrial revolution

Goal THREE: Decent work, effective Bargaining and Social Protection

  • Comprehensive Social protection for the poor and working people
  • Formalisation of the informal economy (including entrepreneurship enhancement)
  • Ending Child labour, sexual exploitation and human trafficking

Goal FOUR: Employment and job creation

  • Youth employment /building employability (Industrial learnerships and apprenticeships)
  • Improving Women access to employment and guaranteeing equal pay for work of equal value
  • Defending Vulnerable groups and people with disabilities in workplace and society as a whole

Goal FIVE: Trade union participation and representation of all social partners for effective Social Dialogue

  • Inclusive BRICS = formalisation of trade union and social partners representation and participation in official BRICS structures.

Goal six: Democratic, ethical and responsive Governance (both public and private towards a new, transparent, accountable and inclusive international multilateral system)

  • Ensuring good Corporate, environmental and Social behaviour of MNCs
  • Ending Illicit financial flows and tax havens
  • Promoting ethical, accountable and transparent forms of governance in society

For interviews please contact:

S’dumo Dlamini

COSATU President

079 496 7618

Dennis George

FEDUSA General Secretary

084 805 1529

Narius Moloto

NACTU General Secretary

082 924 5945

Issued by the BRICS TUF Substantive Committee

Bongani Masuku

079 496 7618

Frank Nxumalo

072 637 8096

Modupi Maile

064 759 7930