FEDUSA Welcomes Axing of Tom Moyane

2 November 2018

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has welcomed President Ramaphosa’s decisive action of axing controversial SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane following clear recommendations from retired Judge Robert Nugent to let Moyane go. FEDUSA General Secretary Dennis George said the termination of Moyane’s services opens a vital window of opportunity for President Ramaphosa to appoint a permanent, able Commissioner for SARS, one of the most vital institutions of democracy on which fundamental delivery of a wide range of public services by government depends.

George said under Moyane’s watch, SARS governance suffered a dramatic decline in tax morality and an unprecedented shortfall revenue collection of nearly R50 billion as it found itself battered by allegations of scandal after scandal.

“The day Mr Moyane took office was a calamity for SARS. Almost immediately, and then continuosly for the next 18 month, SARS was thrown into turmoil with tragic consequences for the lives of many people, tragic consequences for the reputation of SARS and tragic consequences for the country at large,” Judge Nugent stated in his Commission’s Report to President Ramaphosa.

If owning up to the immense governance failure he had caused at SARS was a bridge too far for Moyane, then he should focus his energies on clearing his name in a court of law, concluded George.


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