Stay Safe and Help Others to Stay Safe this Human Rights Day as the COVID-19 Pandemic Strikes – FEDUSA

20 March 2020

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) stands in unison with the nation as it commemorates Human Rights Day in line with the 2020 theme “The year of unity, socio-economic renewal and nation-building.” The Federation equally call on all its members and South Africans to use this day to foster greater social cohesion, nation-building and a shared national identity.

As the federation celebrates the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and honour those who fought for our liberation and the rights we enjoy today, FEDUSA equally appeals to all communities to stay safe and to help others stay safe this Human Rights Day as the COVID-19 pandemic descends on South Africa. As the infection rate, now officially surpasses the 200 mark, FEDUSA appeals to its collective membership and South African citizens to be vigilant in practising hygiene measures and prevent exposure, as global analysts project that up to 70% of the population may be afflicted by this human pandemic, when it peaks over the coming weeks.

As thousands of workers in various industries could either find themselves facing forced flexi-hours at severely reduced pay or at worse, dreaded retrenchments, FEDUSA therefore calls on South Africans to embrace the spirit of Human Rights Day in extraordinary celebration, by respecting and valuing human rights and observing the day within the confines of the call for social distancing.


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FEDUSA Media and Research Officer

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