FEDUSA Intervenes in SBV TERS Challenges to Prevent Widespread Anarchy Amidst Worker Frustrations

15 September 2020

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has urgently intervened in what it deems to be a ticking time bomb ready to explode, after heated tensions and widespread frustrations fueled by the  challenges  surrounding the discrepancies  around the payment of UIF TERS relief funds to its members employed by the SBV Services Cash-in-Transit company, since April this year. The Federation has thus been facilitating a collaborative process between employee and employer representatives during these extraordinary times, with the intention of finding a speedy and conclusive resolution to the protracted impasse.

FEDUSA affiliated members belonging to the Motor Transport Workers Union (MTWU) have been advised to act with total responsibility, amidst the desperation that has been encountered, and allow the Federation to decisively intervene in the matter. The main bone of contention the parties are trying to unravel, revolves around the inability and inefficiency of the UIF COVID TERS process, resulting from the hard lockdown pronounced by President Ramaphosa. The inaccurate and misrepresented data captured on the UIF portals, fuelled by the damning report by the Auditor General, have only added to the frustrations of  all parties concerned. The situation at SBV is however not isolated as many other instances of non , partial and incorrect payments are also leading to workers losing trust and patience with the UIF TERS payment debacle in a time when no worker can afford waiting 5 months for payments promised by Government. Government’s total inability to respond to its citizens during these anxious times will be challenged at the highest levels by FEDUSA, following the damning report by the Auditor General recently which saw the UIF Commissioner and the senior team placed on precautionary suspension.

Collaborative and co – creative strategies remains critical to iron out any remaining blockages in the system to ensure that the same painful episode does not recur again. Anomalies in the TERS payments through sheer inefficiencies and irregularities has left members hungry and frustrated and continues to fuel the fires of rage that burns stronger, as hope fades with empty promises in many sectors.

Now more than ever, Government must raise the bar to demonstrate its capability as a developmental state. Immediate and decisive action must be implemented with absolute urgency, failing which, anarchy will soon prevail considering the powder keg environment we find ourselves in, awaiting just the slightest spark to trigger further reaction by other sectors desperately attempting to recover from the hard lockdown, said FEDUSA General Secretary, Riefdah Ajam.



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