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What is Mywage?


Mywage is a unique South African website offering free and up-to-date information on wages, drugs labour law and decent work. It operates as an accessible source of knowledge for all workers, whether in fixed employment, informal employment, freelance or self-employed – and those who are about to enter the workplace. Its aim is to contribute to a transparent labour market.


Mywage supplies critical content on workplace issues such as leave, dismissal, sexual harassment, discrimination and related topics, as well as providing market-related salary figures. In addition, there are a number of specialised sections including:


  • Minimum Wages – listing all the national Minimum Wage figures per sector
  • Salary Check – where visitors can compare their salaries to colleagues both nationally and internationally
  • VIP/Celebrities Pay – listing the salaries of politicians, celebrities and sportspeople, from Barack Obama to Beyonce Knowles
  • Work Smart – where visitors can learn how to write a CV, go for an interview, check contracts and more
  • Work Barometer – listing recent data on workers and labour markets with 26 indicators covering 175 countries
  • Women and Work – where women can learn more about work/life balance, health issues, jobs and more


Who is behind Mywage?


Mwage forms part of the global Wage Indicator foundation. Currently, Wage Indicator operates in 60 countries on all continents. The foundation is kept alive by a global network of dedicated specialists from web journalism, social research and trade unions.


Data is collected from web users who provide salary and work information – and this forms national wage information which is provided for free. Wage Indicator has been operational for ten years, and its database currently comprises over three quarters of a million updated wage indications. In 2010 its sites were consulted some 13 million times.


Wage Indicator is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and works in partnership with the University of Amsterdam – Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, FNV – the confederation of Dutch trade unions, and the international career website Monster.


Mywage in Africa


Mywage has several teams operating in Africa. The English websites include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Two Portuguese websites, known as Meusalario, service Angola and Mocambique. The teams feature dedicated local journalists from each country, working in collaboration with trade unions, research units, media services and academic organisations.