FEDUSA Outraged With the Slow Pace of Transformation

The Federation of Unions of South Africa is deeply disappointed with the slow pace of transformation of the workplace as shown in the Employment Equity Commission Report that has been released by the Department of Labour.

The Report shows that whites make up 68.5 percent of people occupying top management positions, which is more than six times than their economically active population (EAP), at 8.9 percent on top management, whilst the Indian group remains over-represented by three times their EAP.

“On the contrary, the African group at 14.4 percent and Coloured group at 5.5 percent respectively, are under-represented in relation to their EAP. African representation is more than five times below their EAP, while the Coloured representation is half their EAP. The report again demonstrates a very slow pace of transformation in the South African workplaces,” says Employment Equity Commissioner Tabea Kabinde.

“Black people, Women and Persons with Disabilities remain under-represented at Top and Senior Management levels. It is not an exaggeration to say that not much has changed. We as a Commission will therefore, pursue the promulgation and implementation of Section 53 in earnest to ensure that there is radical economic transformation in the workplace. We believe that the time is right and the people of our country need to see these changes in our lifetime”.

The Report also show that women remain marginalised and under-represented at all levels of employment as happened previously and echoes formal discussions with FEDUSA.

In November last year, our 6th National Congress noted that women’s access to education and opportunities in lower paid sectors of the economy for example such as ‘the sticky-floor effects’ still remains a serious bone of contention which only perpetuates the glass –ceiling effect

FEDUSA remains the only federation to have championed a gender audit and continues to advocate that gender equity and mainstreaming is a basic human rights and developmental issue. Congress adopted and resolved that gender policy is an expression of its commitment of promoting equality whilst giving value and recognition to different natures, roles and needs of women and men to promote employment equality in the workplace,” said FEDUSA General Secretary Dennis George.


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