Let’s Focus on Our Shared Culture this Heritage Day – FEDUSA

24 September 2018

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has called on all South Africans to focus on a shared culture such as what it means to be a South African in the context of nation building and a common vision of a South Africa that embraces its peoples in all their diversities of beliefs and traditions rather than what divides the nation.

An acceptance across the spectrum that all South African children black and white deserve access to quality education and healthcare could lay a solid foundation for a united and cohesive society in which there is respect for difference in a peaceful social environment. The National Health Insurance which is still in its early developmental phases could also be gradually refined into a blue print for a cohesive society in which child and maternal mortalities are reduced to the barest minimum possible as everyone has access to quality healthcare irrespective of socio-economic status.

As the year 2018 is also a Nelson Mandela Centenary year, it would be in order for the nation to rededicate and recommit it to powerful national building strategies that Mandela championed in opening all sporting codes including rugby, cricket and soccer to as many young South Africans as possible.

And while there, before and after the matches, rugby and cricket fans should be encouraged to patronize noisy and vibrant sheebens and chesa nyamas until early morning hours in true township culture.

South Africa’s 11 official language policy – itself a commendable government statement of celebrating unity in diversity – should be embraced by learning each other’s language as one of the most practical ways of being proudly South African and building a legacy for future generations.



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FEDUSA is the largest politically non-aligned trade union federation in South Africa and represents a diverse membership from a variety of sectors in industry.  See www.fedusa.org.za for more information.

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