FEDUSA Stages Media Conference To Refute Allegations

06 February 2019

The Management Committee (ManCom) of the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) have noted the reports in the media recently regarding the alleged acquisition of shares in technology consortium, AYO Technology Systems. FEDUSA General Secretary’s personal involvement allegedly implicating him in deals related to the Difeme Holdings Group and AYO Technology Systems is likewise noted.

It is deeply disappointing that incorrect and inaccurate reporting has been sensationalised in recent media reports that has neither been tested nor proved. Subsequently, these baseless and untested facts have been used by opportunistic elements to gain undue traction and media attention.

The federation’s official position at this stage is that no authorising structure of FEDUSA at any level has ever given a mandate for the acquisition of shares from any company in the name of the trade union federation. The attempt to link FEDUSA to Difeme Holdings, a company associated with General Secretary Dennis George in his personal and independent capacity is incorrect as the two entities have got absolutely nothing to do with each other.

FEDUSA has never been stronger and more resolute in its call for a good, clean, ethical governance which operates with integrity and in the best interests of building a better South Africa for all, including its affiliates. Advancing FEDUSA’s Congress Resolutions, our focus on calling out corruption within the state and private industries is well known, and we remain committed to that cause. The federation remains no less resolute to this commitment, even if it involves one of our own.

An external investigation will be conducted to determine the veracity of the allegations. With regards to the position of the General Secretary, the federation will follow due process as required by law.

Rest assured that the outcome of the full – scale investigation by FEDUSA will be communicated to our affiliates, social partners and the media on its completion.

For interviews please contact:

Masale Godfrey Selematsela

FEDUSA President

083 653 3021


Riefdah Ajam

FEDUSA Deputy General Secretary

079 696 2625