FEDUSA Condemn Steep Fuel Price Increase

The Federation of Unions of South Africa ( FEDUSA ) strongly condemns the steep hike in fuel prices to take effect at midnight. Both grades of fuel will increase by R1.46 per litre and the price of diesel between R1.44 and R1.48 cents per litre. More fuel price increases is expected in the next couple of weeks.

This rapid increase in fuel prices will definitely have a negative impact on the economy but most of all affecting working people who commutes daily to their workplaces. This is an unnecessary economic burden that workers and the country cannot afford in this current economic climate.

Our countries defunct and unreliable railway commuter network makes the cost of transport more unaffordable for workers and society at large.

FEDUSA make an urgent call to the Minister of Finance, Enoch Gondongwana to establish the Task Team mentioned in his maiden budget speech to review the fuel levies in order to bring relief to millions of citizens. We further call on the Minister to fully consult social partners under the auspices of NEDLAC without delay.

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Ms Riefdah Ajam

FEDUSA General Secretary

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