16 June 2023


As South Africa marks youth day in 2023, the Federation of Unions of South Africa [FEDUSA] notes that the struggles of the country’s young people are worsening with every passing year since the attainment of democracy. The South African youth, a resilient, versatile, and vibrant segment of our society, faces countless challenges that demand the nation’s immediate attention. FEDUSA bleeds for the millions of young people whose destinies are derailed by mass unemployment, drug abuse and crime. Nearly 30 years into democracy and many still suffer from the consequences of the inequalities that stem from the turbulent past, and the ripple effects of an uncaring government seemingly incapable of transforming the economy.



FEDUSA believes in sustainable and attainable solutions to combat socio-economic issues that continue to challenge the youth of South Africa. Let us empower and create opportunities for the youth. These are our future leaders, the game changers. If we do not take care of our youth, then there is no future, and we are doomed as a country. Not investing in the youth means setting a precedence that will see the country face far deeper crises.



We see more youngsters fall victim to crime and violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. Fedusa believes that the future generations of young people can salvaged if South Africa unites in fighting against drug dealers, unemployment, and promiscuous lifestyles. It is obvious that the youth cannot be economically active if they have limited opportunities, with no investment in their wellbeing as the quality-of-life declines for many in the country.



Graduates are forced to jump from one internship to the other while their expertise are exploited. It is a never-ending struggle for many young people.

FEDUSA also recognises the efforts of the young people working hard to change their lives for the better, from the creative arts, engineering, healthcare, teaching and entrepreneurship. Against the most unsurmountable odds, some young people of our country have managed to break boundaries and emerge successful and represent the country positively to the world. We thank them for their resilience and determination.




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