Please note that individuals cannot join FEDUSA as it is a federation of affiliated trade unions.  If you are unsure about which FEDUSA union to join, pharmacy please feel free to contact us and we will put you on the right track!

Why should a trade union affiliate to FEDUSA?

FEDUSA is politically independent and non-aligned;

FEDUSA is a non-racist gender sensitive trade union federation;

FEDUSA has sound ideological principles and policies;

FEDUSA is a proactive federation; and

FEDUSA has an affordable affiliation fee.

What does it cost to affiliate with FEDUSA?

R1, stuff 34 per member per month and an annual fee of R 2750 payable by the union.

What are the benefits?

Representation on national statutory and non-statutory bodies;

Access to information and documentation otherwise not available;

Allows and affiliate to be part a larger collective grouping;

Access to the international labour community;

Access to parliament; and

Training of affiliates on various important labour-related issues.

Please use the menu to the left and click “Constitution” to view the full PDF version of FEDUSA’s Constitution

Join FEDUSA today! 

To join FEDUSA, doctor please send an e-mail to Dennis George (FEDUSA General Secretary) by clicking here.