Training and Education Committee (TEC)

The FEDUSA Training & Education Committee (TEC) is a constitutional structure that deals with all issues regarding trade union education, and education as a whole in South African society. All Affiliates are represented on the TEC by worker leaders or officials concerned with education and training in their respective unions.

The benefits to serve on the committee :
a) Participate in education structures for the federation.
b) Have a voice on all Federation training activities
c) Have opportunities to be capacitated by being nominated to attend national or international training like
the ILO etc.
d) Attend all skills and training conferences and workshops a federation is invited to participate in e.g.
National skills Conference, HRDC Worker Education Conference etc.
e) As a liaison person between the union and the Federation, they will be able to provide with first-hand
needs for training required by their union that a Federation can provide.