Provincial Executive Committee (PEC)

In terms of the FEDUSA Constitution the National Executive Committee shall establish the Provincial
Executive Committees to assist the Federation in its provincial co-ordination and activities. Each Provincial Executive Committee elects a Provincial Chairperson, Provincial Vice-Chairperson, Provincial Secretary, Provincial Training Co-Ordinator and Gender and HIV & AIDS Coordinator. Office-bearers of the Provincial Executive Committee hold office for three years.

The benefits to serve on the committee :
a) Empowering members and grassroots structures so that they can become active contributors to the
process of change.
b) Internal education helps members to understand and contribute to the upliftment
of workers. Education communicates and can be used to empower, mobilize, and organize workers.
c) Introduce new shop stewards to policies and legislation within and outside the federation and help
them to decide what work they would like to do in the union and federation.
d) Teach members the skills that will make it possible for them to do their tasks and