Mission Vision Values


Mission, Vision, Values.


  • Act and campaign in unison and to promote and protect the common interests and rights of Affiliates in general;

  • Represent and promote the interests of Affiliates at international, national, provincial, and other levels;

  • Assist in furthering the objectives of Affiliates at international, national, provincial, and other levels;

  • Endorse the principles of Gender Equality;

  • Maintain its political independence at all times;

  • Raise, maintain, and administer a common fund or funds for the sound administration and execution of the
    mission of the Federation; and

  • Give effect to all aspects of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996;

  • Intent focus on the just transition.


Building a reputable Federation to improve the working conditions of our members of all South African workers


  • Respect – We recognise that all persons have value, and we are careful to treat everyone with high regard.
  • Empathy – We strive to actively listen and appreciate other people’s views by relating to their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.
  • Accountability – We take ownership of our work and honour the commitments we make to our members, affiliates, and one another.
  • Professionalism – We take pride in the work we do by portraying an appearance and attitude of willingness, integrity, and excellence.
  • Non-Discrimination – We celebrate and embrace diversity coupled with inclusion for all.
  • Ubuntu (Humanity) – Our attitude towards fellow comrades, members and affiliates is in direct proportion to how we expect others to perceive us.

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