FEDUSA Media Statement: Celebrating 30 Years of Democracy 

As South Africa marks 30 years of democracy, the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) takes this momentous occasion to reflect on the strides made and the challenges faced in promoting a fair and inclusive labour environment in the country. Over the past three decades, FEDUSA has been at the forefront of advocating for workers’ rights, embracing transformative resolutions that address critical issues from local procurement to gender equality.

In the wake of the economic challenges that continue to be a stain on this country’s democracy, FEDUSA reaffirms its commitment to enhancing local procurement to enable a thriving manufacturing sector. This strategic focus is designed to stimulate domestic industries and create jobs, thereby reinforcing economic growth.

As we move into the future, the role of education and training becomes increasingly crucial. FEDUSA has prioritised the roll-out of comprehensive education programmes on organising workers in the new world of work. Moreover, our focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the future of work calls for a balanced approach that harnesses technological advancements while safeguarding job security and workers’ rights.

The union’s resolutions highlight the indispensable role of trade unions in advocating for robust social protection systems that cover all workers, including those in precarious employment. The emphasis on occupational health and safety, particularly considering the lessons from the COVID-19, has never been more crucial. FEDUSA is dedicated to ensuring that these standards are not only maintained but strengthened.

Our commitment extends to critical social issues, including the elimination of workplace violence and harassment, championing gender equality, and securing LGBTI rights. The adoption of Resolution 9 on C190 – Elimination of Violence and Harassment is a testament to our ongoing efforts to create safer workplaces for everyone.

Recognising the environmental challenges of our time, FEDUSA has adopted resolutions to address the climate crisis through collective bargaining and skills development. The opening of a Just Transition Labour Centre in Gauteng marks a significant step toward facilitating a fair shift to a green economy, with emphasis on our commitment to investment in sustainable practices.

As we continue to fight against corruption and advocate for the recovery of looted resources in the state, FEDUSA stands firm in its international solidarity, recognising the interconnected nature of labour movements worldwide. Our focus on youth and the nurturing of future leaders remains a priority, as they are pivotal in driving change and innovation within the labour market.

As we celebrate these 30 years of democracy, FEDUSA remains resolute in its mission to champion the rights of workers and to contribute to the creation of a just, equitable, and prosperous South Africa for all.